How Our Shop Came to Be...and Not to Be!

Frontage of Essence of Cae
Pot of Roses cake

Over the last 7 years I have been a home baker, designed my own logo and came up with the name Cakes2aT.  I took orders through word of mouth and didn't really think to take it any further.  As many of you will relate, I met my amazing husband and we had two beautiful children and my life changed in a matter of years.


I found myself thinking, "I want something different", so I embarked on a journey to see where I could take my business.  Over the space of a few months, a business plan was written, research completed, a location found and builders booked.  The following 4 weeks really was a whirlwind and I can't even remember all of it, though arranging the decor will always stay in the forefront of my mind as it was one of my favourite activities.


And here we are, Essence of Cake was born on the 3rd June 2017, and well over 100 customers attended our launch day, we had a blast. 


The buzz in the shop was amazing and new friends were made by me, and my customers.  The feeling of community, which is really important to me, was there from day one, and it continued to grow.


It is sad to think that our little shop closed it's doors for the last time on the 21st December 2018 (18 months after opening) but from a business perspective and the opportunities it has enabled, it was totally worth it!

Thank you to everyone who made Essence of Cake what it is today, we may not have a High Street presence anymore, but we are still in business and continue to thrive, providing you with amazing cakes and more still from our home town of South Norwood.


p.s. I'm sure you'll see me in the odd coffee shop or two, or three from time to time!


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