SE25 Bake Off Registration & General Information

Competitions are a wonderful way to improve your skills, attempt a new technique and meet some new and wonderful people!  Whether or not you get a ribbon, what’s most important is that you stretched your skills, challenged yourself and tried something new.


  • Entrants must be over 18

  • Entrants are divided into inexperienced and experienced

    • An experienced entrant has been baking for over a year

    • We trust that entrants select the right division in the spirit of the competition

  • Your entries must be made from scratch

  • All entries must be baked before being brought to the competition.  No baking appliances will be made available on site, on the day

  • Forms can be collected at Essence of Cake (30 High Street) and Walnuts & Honey (27 Station Road)

  • Entry forms must be returned to Essence of Cake or Walnuts & Honey by 30th August

  • Please bring your unmarked entries to Essence of Cake on 2nd September at 1pm sharp

  • No entry forms will be accepted on day of Bake-off

  • At time of submission entries must include a full ingredients list

  • Refrigeration is NOT available on the day

  • You may only enter one baked item per category

  • If you do wish to enter each category then entry must be a different baked item

  • Labels will be provided of entries (do not mark or identify entry)


  • Naked Cake

    • This category is for those who wish to bake and simply decorate their cakes with items such as fruits or edible flowers

    • Cakes can be any shape

    • Maximum of 8” in size

  • Decorated Cake Bake

    • This category is for those who wish to bake and decorate their cakes using fondant, royal icing or other edible decorations

    • Cakes can be any shape or design

    • Maximum of 8” in size (no height restriction)

  • Cupcakes

    • This category is for those who wish to bake and decorate cupcakes with any edible decoration

    • Cupcakes must be uniform

    • Maximum of 6 cupcakes




  • 1ST PLACE: TBC & Gold Ribbon

  • 2ND PLACE: TBC & Silver Ribbon

  • 3RD PLACE: TBC & Bronze Ribbon

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