It's always nice to make a cake with fresh cream and fruits for that summer feeling.  This simple kiwi and reasperry gateau will certainly get the taste buds going.




  • 300 ml double cream

  • 50 grams icing sugar

  • 3 tbsps of apricot glaze

  • 300 grams fresh raspberries (washed)

  • 3 kiwi fruits

  • 300 grams amaretto biscuits


Tools Used...

  • Turn table (lazy susan)

  • Food blender

  • Electirc whisk (hand whisk will work just as well and will take slightly longer)

  • Mixing spoon

  • Palette knife

  • Mixing bowl

  • Sieve

  • Sharp knife

  • Thick drum

  • Pastry brush




  1. I've used the classic victoria sponge recipe to start this cake off

  2. Pour the double cream into the bowl and whisk to a soft peak

  3. Sieve the icing sugar onto the cream, gently mix and put aside

  4. Put the amaretto bicuits into the food belnder, blend to small pieces and put aside.  Do not over blend as you still want a crunch from the biscuits

  5. Peel the kiwi fruit and cut into medium slices width ways (so the fruit inside shows a circle) across the fruit

  6. Put the drum onto the turn table

  7. Using the palette knife, add a small amount of the cream onto the drum and place one half of the cake in the middle of the drum.  The cream helps to secure the cake to the drum

  8. Spoon three quarters of the cream into the middle of the cake and smooth with the palette knife

  9. Push a third of the raspberries into the cream layer

  10. Put the other half of the cake on top

  11. Use the palette knife to add the remaining cream to the sides and top of the cake

  12. Spin the the turn table whilst using the pakette knife to smooth the sides

  13. Take the crushed amaretto biscuits and press into the sides of the cake.  This is a messy job, you will need to keep going around the side of the cake until all the cream is covered in biscuit

  14. Arrange the fruit into a pattern of your choice on top of the cake.  I've used the kiwi fruit around the edge, then the raspberries, finishing with a layer if each again

  15. Brush the apricot glaze over the fruit with the pastry brush, this adds a shine and keeps the fruit from colouring


You can use as many of as little fruit combinations as you like, mix and match to see what works best for you!

Kiwi & Raspberry Gateau

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