This was the very first cake I created when I had a true feel of how to cover a cake and some of the techniques involved.  As I said in the introduction to the Classic Victoria Sponge recipe, it's all about research, there's so many tips out there and I hope you see the usefulness of mine too!


Right, so Mickey Mouse was a request for a little boy who was turning 3 years old.  The greatest tip I picked up was how to make my own stensils.  It's very simple.  

  • Find the image or shape that you require and print on paper

  • Glue the paper to card and cut out


For this Tutorial you will need these templates...

  • Mickey's eyes

  • Mickey's mouth

  • Mickey's nose (for all of  these you may have cutters that will work just as well)


Tools Used...

  • Sharp knife

  • Palette knife

  • Scissors

  • Large and small rolling pin

  • Turn-table (lazy susan)

  • Paint brush

  • Pizza cutter

  • Cake smoother

  • Scalpel

  • Star cutter

  • Roller tool


You will also need in order of appearance...

  • Thick drum

  • Butter icing.  Use the instructions from our Classic Victoria Sponge recipe

  • Rolling matt

  • White fondant

  • Preboiled cool water

  • Paprika/Flesh fondant colouring

  • Black fondant

  • Red fondant

  • Yellow fondant

  • Blue fondant

  • Royal Icing.  I use the premade royal icing powder and follow the instructions.  Works just as well as making it the conventional way

  • Red fondant colouring

  • Ribbon (optional)



  1. I baked the face of Mickey in two 9" round tins and sandwiched them together with butter icing

  2. Then I baked the ears in 6" round tins and made four layers, two for each ear and sandwiched them in the same way.  You can choose smaller tins but make the propotion is right

  3. To ensure they are pieced together evenly, cut out the ears in paper and line them where you want them in accordance to the face 

  4. Draw the curve of the face onto the paper and cut it out

  5. Place the paper ontop of the 6" round and cut out the excess cake, repeat for the other ear

  6. Now to start building the cake.  Add some icing to the drum to secure the face and place the turn-table

  7. Use the butter icing to attach the ears to the face

  8. Cover the whole cake in a smooth, thin layer of butter icing using a palette knife, turning the turn-table so you can access the whole cake

  9. Now it's time to ice the cake, with a large rolling pin, roll out the white fondant to a large circle.  It doesn't have to be too thick as there will be a second layer over the whole cake

  10. Cover the cake with the white fondant and use the cake leveler to smooth out the top

  11. Gently smooth the side of the cake with your hands, taking extra care where the ears meet

  12. Use the cake smoother on the sides and strip the excess off the base of the cake with a pizza cutter, again taking extra care around corners

  13. Take more of the white fondant and colour with paprika/flesh to make a flesh tone for the face

  14. Before attaching it to the cake, the white fondant needs to be prepared, use preboiled cool water and brush lightly over the whole surface of the cake

  15. Roll the fondant out into a circle the same size as the cake plus 1-inch and cover the face of the cake

  16. Use the cake smoother on top of the cake and neaten the edges using a scalpel

  17. Use the templates to draw Mickey's head and ears on grease-proof paper and use this as your guide for rolling out the black fondant

  18. Brush the relevant areas of the cake with the water to prepare it for the next layer of fondant

  19. Attach the black and neaten the edges

  20. Now roll out a long strip of red fondant, enough to fit around the side of the cake.  If you can't manage it in one, then long enough for two strips to meet on the side of the face just under the ears

  21. Brush the sides of the cake with water

  22. Cut a straight edge on one side of the strip of red fondant and attach the straight-edge to the top of the side of the cake

  23. Smooth the cake round with one hand whilst using the other to line the top with the straight-edge

  24. Remove the excess from the bottom of the cake

  25. Roll out the yellow fondant using the small rolling pin and use the star cutter to make stars

  26. Attach the stars to the side of the cake using the preboiled cooled water

  27. Take the blue fondant, remaining red (put a small amount aside for the tongue) and yellow and use it to cover the base, in whatever design you want

  28. Use the templates to cut out Mickey's eyes, nose, mouth in black and white fondant and attach to the cake by brushing with water

  29. Roll thin strips of black for top of the nose and corners of the mouth and attach

  30. Use the final piece of red fondant you put aside, make the tongue and attach bottom of the mouth

  31. Colour the royal icing with red colouring and add to a piping bag with a small/medium star nozzle4

  32. Pipe around the top edges of the cake top and bottom.  This will hide any untidy edges or joins

  33. Pipe words of your choice in the ears using the red royal icing and a 2 nozzle

  34. Lastly, you can glue a ribbon around the drum, this is optional


And you're done.  You've created a fantastic cake that the kids will absolutely love, and enjoy... if they ever let you cut it!


Mickey Mouse Cake

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