All About Me...


I have been baking since I was 10 or 11 years old.  One of my earliest memories in relation to baking was pretending the family front room was a bakery, a memory I had long since forgotten until I embarked on this amazing change in my life (my mum didn't even know).  Working from home was clearly a plus for me even then.

A few years on and I was baking Victoria sponges for me and my mum on a regular basis, not even needing to weigh the ingredients anymore.  I'd try adding varying ingredients to change the taste and texture and we found coconut was our favourite.

A decade or two on and I was still baking and in particular for my late maternal grandmother who was diabetic so I was experimenting with sugar alternatives. I will never forget the day she looked at me after not even bothering to slice her sugar free carrot cake (her hand was sufficient) and saying "you'll open a shop one day, you can use my inheritance money".


I could only laugh, as that was definitely not in my career plan, "I'm a corporate woman grandma" I said giggling away.  I will never forget this moment with her, and I didn't even repeat it to anyone, as I didn't see the need.


When she passed I knew I had to bake the cakes for her reception.  I took 3 days off work and made 10 different cakes (two of which are shown on this page), with her in mind every step of the way.  I was happy-ish with the finish and thought what better way to pay homage to her suggestion than to use her inheritance money to book myself onto a cake-decorating course and buy my first kitchen chef mixer.  


So I did and here we are...