Our Corporate Team Building

"Don't you just make cakes?" we hear you ask... Yes we do and more! 


We have a passion for cakes and so much more as you can see from the intro to the right.  Our other passion is developing people and building teams, and what better way to do that then in cake form through team building events and having fun?


Team building activities are a way to provide high-impact learning, increase team skills and communications, and improve morale and productivity.  Employees’  benefit  through experiencing a sense of accomplishment in working as a group to complete a challenging task and learning ways to improve communication skills.


Attendees learn much about themselves and their colleagues during our team building events and can discuss and work through activities in a comfortable and safe environment. 


Team roles can develop in many different ways, however, when they develop naturally, they are at their most powerful as people will lean towards what they are best at.  Having varied team members is beneficial to all, as each will bring something different to the table such as focussing on team objectives; delegation of work, leadership/management or checking finished work for errors.  Team building events allows each member to refocus on his or her skills and what they are best at; even when the topic at hand is far removed from the work they do on a daily basis.


A strong team benefits the individual, the team, the business and their customers.  When a team is working in unison there is a reduction in errors, absenteeism, leavers, customer complaints and subsequently improved company profits. 

Our Team Building Events

I See What You Mean

This event ​allows attendees to work with their businesses/teams vision and/or objectives.  It's a full day event, off-site (our South London venue), with a minimum of 6; two teams (we are able to source larger location at request).  At the end of the day, both teams will have an amazing cake which they have baked and decorated themselves, which will tell a story in itself.  The other team will definitely 'see what they mean'. 


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I See What You Mean Lite

This is a slightly liter version of our main event.  It's not always easy for companies to have their teams off-site and we want you to be able to experience what we do.  So to 'liten' things up, we remove the baking element from this event (we do that bit for you) so we can run it in any of your office or training rooms.

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Copy Cat

Sometimes a team building event is just about getting together and having fun.  With our Copy Cat event the aim of the game is to copy an already completed cake in a set time.  The team who match it the closest wins and everyone will have fun trying.  This is a half day (or less) event and we can run it in any of your office or training rooms.  However if you would like to be off-site, that can be arranged too.


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Essence of Cake (EoC) Biz Intro

Tracey Rashid is the owner, baker, cake designer, trainer and facilitator at Essence of Cake.  Before professionally delving into the cake world 7 years ago, she worked in a corporate environment as a Trainer, Facilitator and People Capability Manager, for almost 20 years.  She has worked for large organisations such as BMW, Transport for London, Aon and Cable & Wireless Plc where she introduced new training programmes (including management), skills and capabilities matrixes, team building packages and more (including senior management team events).  She has extensive presentation experience with small, large and learned audiences.


Tracey has numerous qualifications in people development, which she has enriched over the last 18 years.  She is a qualified

Life Coach and Coach,

established TAP Learning &

Development Consultant,

accredited BELBIN

Facilitator, PRISM

Practitioner and a PCI

Change Practitioner. 

On the cake side, she is a

Certified Wilton® Method

Instructor, has a Cupcake Academy Diploma and has completed

several Cake Decorating programmes.


Tracey has now combined her love of developing people with her love of baking to create a fantastic experiential team building programme where participants will not only have an amazing cake to show at the end of their session, they will also have the opportunity to think differently and creatively, collaborate and communicate with others, develop negotiating skills, and of course have fun!

“Tracey is a highly experienced facilitator.  She allows participants to have their say and gives a lot of personal examples which enhances facilitation” – Bukola Olofinjana, Buisness Development Consultant


Following the first session I saw a 50% improvement in productivity within my team.  I would highly recommend Tracey, who is a cutting edge Consultant, a true people’s person and energetic facilitator.” – Sathi Singh, TfL


We are also able to tailor our events to suit your needs, so if any of the above isn't your 'cup of tea', then let us know and we can discuss your specific requirements.


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