Wilton Classes  at Essence of Cake


Essence of Cake are proud to announce that we are the only Certified Wilton Method Instructor in the South East London area and we are looking forward to teaching you the amazing Wilton Method for Cake Decorating®!

Wilton has been making it easy for people to create amazing cakes and sweet treats since 1929 and are represented in over 60 countries.


Whether you are a beginner or want to harness your decorating skills, take a Wilton Method Class®, and gain the skills that will make your celebrations sensational!

Each course shows you a variety of techniques which can be used on cakes, cupcakes or sweet treats, and you'll receive a Certificate of Completion for each course you attend.

The Wilton Method - Course 1 - Building Buttercream Skills
Cke decorating equiment

Skill Level: All levels


Build buttercream skills you can use for all decorating projects — from cupcakes to cakes for any occasion.  Whether you’re new to decorating or have been decorating for years, when you complete Course 1, you’ll be proud of the new techniques you’ve learned and ready to showcase them on your next project.


Your Certified Wilton Method Instructor will help you each step of the way as you learn how easy it can be to:

  • Ice and decorate a cake and other sweet treats

  • Pipe lines and make simple borders, letters and shapes on your cake

  • Make six different buttercream icing flowers

  • Transfer images to a cake to decorate

  • Make icing the right consistency to decorate

  • Fill and use a decorating bag

The Wilton Method - Course 2 - Flowers & Cake Design
Children decorating cupcakes

Skill Level: All levels


Work with royal icing, the ideal medium to use when creating flowers and decorations in advance.  You’ll learn core techniques to make a wide variety of flowers, such as pansies, lilies and The Wilton Rose™.   You’ll also learn how to design a professional-looking cake, from selecting the colours to arranging your flowers.


Your Certified Wilton Method Instructor will help you each step of the way as you learn to:

  • Design the colour palette and pattern for a cake

  • Complete buttercream icing piping techniques

  • Create seven different types of flowers, and understand how to feature them on your next project

  • Learn to pipe royal icing appliqués

  • Pipe additional decorative borders onto your cake

The Wilton Method - Course 3 - Gum Paste & Fondant
Cke decorating equiment

Skill Level: All levels


Develop new skills working with fondant and gum paste, and apply them to create shapes, borders and flowers. You’ll also learn how to cover a cake with fondant. Plus, you’ll design and create a complete project using all the techniques you were taught.

Your Certified Wilton Method Instructor will help you each step of the way as you learn to:

  • Prepare and color gum paste and fondant

  • Cover a cake with fondant

  • Create different types of bows and flowers, including the calla lily, rose and carnation

  • Discover how easy it is to paint on fondant

  • Design and complete a cake with the shapes and flowers from the course