All About Us...

Essence of Cake absolutely adore all things cake related, in fact it is at the heart of everything we do. 


With a taste of deliciousness, we will bake your personalised celebration cake, cupcakes and biscuits for any occasion. Be it a classic Victoria sponge, silky red velvet or rich double chocolate cake, you'll want to come back for more!


We love to help turn that special occasion into an amazing one, and turn your ideas into reality.


After one and a half years, in December 2018, we decided to close our lovely shop in order to pursue a great opportunity which allows us to combine our corporate background, our love of developing people and our passion for baking.   All of our services remain and some have received a little face-lift to make them available to you without use of the shop.  Our cake decorating supplies are now available online so you will always be able to create that masterpiece cake of your own.

We believe it's important to connect with our customers and one of the best way to do that (other than greet you with a smile) is to give you an idea of our background and how Essence of Cake came to be and the journey ahead of us.

Our Core Values


Our core values help you to ‘picture’ us and see the type of business we are.

  • Passion

    • Be passionate in everything we do from baking a cake to serving our customers

  • Inspiration

    • Inspire our customers to create cake masterpieces of their own

  • Culture

    • Build and promote a culture which is exclusively inclusive and open to all

  • Teaching

    • Pass on our knowledge of cake baking and decorating to our customers through advice, workshops and Wilton® classes​

  • Uniform

    • Be consistent with the quality, taste and presentation of all of our cakes and products so our customers are confident in what they will receive

  • Reliability

    • Provide a reliable and quality service, face-to-face and online, so our customer experiences are seamless and enjoyable

  • Experience

    • Show our loyalty to our customers in all that we do, through the way we interact with them and the offers we provide for repeat customers

Picture of Tracey
About Me

I have been baking since I was 10 or 11 years old.  One of my earliest memories in relation to baking was...